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Ohio Supreme Court Certified... Court Manager

Butler County probate court is not your typical small legal office. In 2019, probate court processed over 65,000 court records and managed over 1,000 cases. These numbers are rapidly growing year over year. At the 2020 Primary, your vote for the Butler County Probate Court Judge is not just for your next judge but also for the court administrator for Probate Court. The Butler County Common Pleas General Division courts are managed by the Clerk of Courts while the judges manage the cases assigned to their courts. Currently, the Butler County Clerk of Courts is Mary Swain. (As a side note… please remember to vote for Mary in March!) At Butler County Common Pleas Probate, both the court administration and judiciary responsibility ultimately reside with the elected judge. As the Court Administrator & Magistrate for Probate Court over the last 4 years, I had the opportunity to learn about all of the services that Probate Court delivers as well as the processes and, more importantly, the people that deliver those services. Also, during this time, I earned Court Manager certification from the Ohio Supreme Court. This is the Ohio Supreme Court management program to train court administration leaders across the state with the latest management skills including human resources, finance, operations, and analytics as well providing forums for best practice sharing across the state. As the current Magistrate and Court Administrator for Probate, I have seen the challenges facing the court. With my experience and training, I am ready to implement solutions to build upon the current organization to improve services levels and manage costs. One such solution that is already in the works is the implementation of a new IT system to improve document/case management and expand services that will be available online. This new system is proven in other Ohio counties to improve productivity, reduce costs and improve convenience of services to you. When you go the polls on March 17 for the 2020 Primary, remember that your vote for Probate judge is also a vote for the court administrator responsible for managing your tax dollars. I have trained and lived Probate for last four years so I can improve Probate Court services for you.

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