Elect Heather Cady



    The Only Candidate:

  • Judicial Experience... 15 years in Common Pleas

  • Probate Judicial Experience... 4 years

  • Court Administration Experience... 4 years

  • Life Long Republican    


Conservative. Republican. Experienced.

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A Message from Heather

"I have dedicated my career to public service including 15 years as a magistrate in Butler County. I am committed to people and their Constitutional Rights.  As the next Probate Court Judge, I promise to continue to serve our community and deliver Justice compassionately,  efficiently and in a fiscally responsible manner."



Committed to Public Service

Heather Cady is a life long Conservative Republican.  She has spent more than 25 years in public service including over 15 years as a Butler County Magistrate in Common Pleas Division and Probate Court.  The Honorable Keith Spaeth appointed Heather to her first magistrate position for Butler County Common Pleas General Division.  During her eleven year tenure with the Honorable Spaeth, Heather's judicial work earned the respect of fellow county magistrates and judges as well as the attorneys practicing in Butler County.  Five years ago, the Honorable Randy Rogers sought after Heather because of her reputation on the bench, experience and dedication.  In 2015, the Honorable Randy Rogers appointed Heather to magistrate and court administrator for Common Pleas Probate Division.  As a current magistrate in Probate Court, Heather has held hearings in all areas of Probate law including adoptions, guardianships, estate administration, mental health, abuse & dependency, and elder abuse/neglect. As the court administrator in Probate Court, Heather is responsible for a staff of 20 members and for a one million dollar budget.


Moving Forward

As a current Probate Court Magistrate and Court Administrator, Heather knows the challenges first hand that are impacting Butler County Probate due to the rapidly growing and aging population.  Heather is dedicated to finding solutions to move Butler County forward as a leader in the state and nation on mental health, elder and guardianship issues.


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